May Custom Homes & Cabinets, Inc. has been in business since 1974. With a staff of four full-time craftsmen, each having 20-40 years of experience, we are known for our impeccable attention to detail. Using precision construction techniques and exquisite woods in our homes, cabinets and millwork, the end result is exceptional quality for the home of your dreams.

We lend our professional expertise to no more than three or four homes at a time, so special attention is given to every client. Your home is built with your individual tastes and lifestyle in mind.

With May Custom Homes & Cabinets, "The sky is the limit". You may select your own architect or draftsman and interior designer. We have worked with numerous local firms as well as others throughout the country. If you prefer, we can help you select the best one for your project. You are never limited in the design selections or materials for your home.

If you are planning to build a custom home, we'd love to talk to you about turning your dream house into a reality.

"Show us your dream and we'll make it happen".

May Custom Homes & Cabinets, Inc.

Office:  9400 Holdrege  •  Lincoln, NE  68506  • 402-488-2737

Shop:   14610  Woodstock St.  •  Waverly, NE  68462  •  402-786-3223